Finding Fabulous

Delicious Dames

There are a lot of catch-words spread around in health and wellness circles. From fat-acceptance to thinspiration we design these catchy terms as a way to garner support for our way of life. I don’t like those terms. I’m one of those weird being that don’t need a club or a weird membership to validate my lifestyle. So are the other dames up there. If I have to belong to something (and I’m human, I have to belong to something), I want to belong to something that includes everyone.

I’m probably the worst Dame ever. I’m judgmental. I still believe in maintaining a healthy weight, not just for me – for everyone. I can’t help it. But it is my opinion that when a person is truly happy, really, honestly happy, their dependence on food as a substitute for whatever they are missing in life ceases and a healthier weight is naturally maintained. I don’t turn my nose up at anyone’s size, anyone’s trials and tribulations. I think that obesity is a sign of an underlying trauma and that trauma and deep down inside, I want the best, happiest life for everyone.

Find fabulous. Find happiness and peace in and around yourself. Do that and you will be open to all the world has to offer.

  • Go for a hike, hang out with friends, go on a shopping trip, sunbathe, create a crafting empire.
  • Adore food, experiment and indulge in new and exciting flavors and enjoy the infusion of energy you get from good food. Break your addiction to junk food, have a healthy love affair with food – good for you and bad for you.
  • Enjoy your body. Pamper it. Love it. Work it out. Enjoy¬†endorphins. Enjoy that rush you get from enjoying life.
  • Find your vision of beauty and run with it. Take pride in yourself and how you present yourself.

The healthier you are inside, the more you want to do outside, and that maintains a healthier lifestyle. Size really doesn’t matter – it’s how you use it!