Everyday Minerals

everydaymineralsMy day will probably always begin and end with make-up. The application centers me, the removal renews me. When you love make-up as much as I do, you don’t just wear anything. I can’t do the assembly line pressed powder.

I love, love, LOVE Everyday Minerals. The stuff is like gold. I have incredibly sensitive skin and this all-natural stuff babies the hell out of it. It sticks and stays and doesn’t fade away. It literally has every color in the crayola ultra box and every shade of each of those colors and it is affordable, so you can have FUN with all those colors.

Service means a lot to me. A company who cares means a lot to me. Between awesome and constant specials, super-fast shipping (it’s in the mail within hours) and amazing customer service, this company takes care of it’s customers.

It is so important for me to feel pretty, not because of what people think of me, but rather because I want the world to see me the way I see myself. Accept yourself for who you are, and if that person likes to play dress up, then do it up!


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