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Rachel Brice

Rachel Brice

Sexy isn’t how you look, it’s how you feel. There are two different sexies. One is your sexy. The other one is what is imposed on you. That one doesn’t matter. It’s surely nice to hear, but whatever someone thinks of me isn’t about me, it’s about their tastes, it’s about what they find sexy. My body, my well being, how I feel is about what I find sexy. And that is what matters.

This feeling? This feeling is essential if you want to change your life. You need to feel your body move, stretch, you need to enjoy it.

For me, I feel sensuality in my bones, in my muscles, in the way I walk and the way I move. Feeling that 24/7? Too. much. I can’t be that in touch with my body. I’d never get anything done. But like any woman, I need it every once in a while. You need to be reminded about why you should love your body. Those moments when I need it, I belly dance.

If I get one question more than any other it is, “How did I do it?” The answer is that I danced, at home. Now, I dance everywhere. Check out some of the selections from my library:


Kathy Smith: Flex Appeal – A Belly Dance Workout

This was my first bellydance DVD and it will always have a place in my heart. It was the first time I moved more than at a slugs place and the first time I looked forward to it.

You aren’t going to learn technique, this is first and foremost a workout based on belly dance, but you will have a great time. It is simple enough that anyone can follow along, fast paced to get you sweating and yes, you will feel it in the morning if you put your all into it. It was the perfect introduction!


Sensual Bellydance

This was really my first introduction into technique and it has kept me interested for years.

The most important part of my journey has been gaining confidence and sensuality has been essential. Blanca’s instruction will teach you great tools in sensual technique and focus on movements and layering. The DVD teaches technique in a focused lesson, combining these techniques and adding layers to your dance and then goes into the instruction of a choreographed dance.

I really love this DVD because it presents a challenge and practice for a long time to come. It took me a year of practice to feel comfortable enough to move past the technique segment, and now I use that as a warm up for the rest of the DVD. It never gets boring!

bellydancecorefitness-e1339593267420Bellydance Core Fitness

I admit, I have my faults. There are parts about me I desperately want to change. There is a price to the loss of large amounts of weight. Living at nearly 300 pounds, your skin must stretch to accommodate your size. Before I go under the knife, I want to give my body every chance I can.

It is a workout more than anything, but what technique it uses it allows you to target and focus on, refining certain steps and toning certain areas. For me, this was most specifically my belly. With all my heart, I feel that the small change I saw in the part of my body that bothers me the most, I saw because of this DVD. For the first time, I had hope I could do this, or at least a lot of this, without a skin removal surgery.

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