The Perfect Twirl

I have a problem.

Sometimes I get on these tangents where all I can do is think of one thing. For the past few months my obsession has been the circle skirt and finding the perfect skirt. Now there are loads of them out there, gorgeous ones, perfectly designed skirts that twirl when you spin, bounce when you walk. It has probably been more about finding my perfect circle skirt than actually finding it. And now that I think I’ve found it (at a great price!) I want to share with you what I’ve found.


Pin Up Girl Boutique

Audrey Circle Skirt

Audrey Circle Skirt               $82.00

The grand-daddy of them all. Pin Up Girl Boutique’s Audrey circle skirt is perfection. Absolute perfection. Look at those folds! Look at that length! So lovely. You can be adorable and cute with a gingham shirt (here). You can achieve a lovely sophisticated look with a the solid color of your choice. I would wear this skirt to death and some day I will.


Toile Skirt

La Belle Skirt                    $130.00

This skirt just exquisite. I just love the way it drapes and falls. It is so classic. Some day, I will own it and wear it to a wedding or something. Gorgeous!

Heartbreaker Fashion

Twirl Skirt

Twirl Skirt                    $60.00

This skirt just screams summer to me. I love the colors. I love the dots. So cute! So cheerful! Doesn’t it just make you happy?

Miss Fortune

Leopard Skirt

Simple Pleasures Skirt                    $64.00

Who doesn’t need leopard print? Lots of leopard print. And this skirt? Fabulous, draping leopard print. I love it!

And now… my very favorite…

Red Pepper Boutique

Full Circle Skirt

Full Circle Skirt                    $32.00

It is fun. It is flirty. It is a great price and its handmade. The gingham print and the super cute cherries just make me squeal with delight.